Fall Color in Summer

Is that a little fall color already?


Time flies and so does the summer; here we are in the last week of August already. A return to school and fall weather are looming large. Meteorological Fall begins this Sunday, September 1, but the “real” Astronomical Fall begins with the Equinox over 3 weeks later on September 23. At the time of this writing we still have a full week of August left, so summarizing the month is a little bit premature, but there are some trends we can see at this point.


One that isn’t likely to change at all during the last week of the month is precipitation. Despite a very active beginning of the month, August is turning out to be a dry month. Normally, we should get just over one inch of rain in August according to historical data. This month’s total is half that in Teton Valley, and all of that fell in the first ten days of the month, none after that and only a small forecast chance of anymore in the last few days of the month. This confirms NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center’s long term forecast of drier than normal conditions going into fall. But a return to average precipitation is seen for the fall and winter, good news for snow lovers.


As for temperature, the average high temperature for August is around 79 F. So far in the first three weeks of this August, we have averaged a couple of degrees above that. Cooler temperatures the last week of August might bring us down closer to average. But be aware that the Climate Prediction Center is calling for warmer than average temperatures from now right through winter, not such good news for snow lovers.


A quick look at what to expect in September: Temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than August and about the same amount of precipitation. The difference is that in September we can expect some of that precipitation to be in the form of snow, just over half an inch is normal. And don’t forget that September days are an average of an hour and a half shorter than August days.


It’s hard not to notice the yellow leaves starting to show up in some of the bushes and trees already, and the leaves know. The summer of 2019 is soon to be behind us. Share your views and feelings about this (nicely) on the Teton Valley Weather Facebook page as summer turns to fall.



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