Small Fire

What were the chances of this small fire in Spring Gulch on July 7th 2021 growing into a major blaze?

This week, the National Weather Service issued the season’s first Red Flag Fire Warning. It’s been warm and dry for a while, so why the warning now?

We know that hot, dry weather carries hazards all by itself, but they are complicated by the accompanying problem of wildfire. Smokey Bear tells us that we can prevent wildfire, and around here, most of us do. Responsible outdoorsmen (outdoorspeople?) know not to leave fires unattended and know how to put them completely out. They watch for dragging chains and don’t throw cigarette butts out the car window. They don’t use exploding targets or incendiary ammunition, drive or park in tall grass, or use fireworks dangerously. If they catch a flaming fish, they throw it back in the water immediately. (Ok, Smokey didn’t say that one, I made it up.)