People named June or August get a month to share a name with, but people named Summer get a whole season. This one. Welcome Summer!


After an unusually high amount of snow and frost this spring, will the cool wet trend continue this summer? Not so fast, say the experts at the Climate Prediction Center.


Keep in mind that on average, Teton Valley has only 1 or 2 days in July where the temperature reaches 90 degrees F, and maybe one more 90 degree day in August. And on average, July is almost as wet as June, our wettest month, and August precipitation is a little below that.


According to their outlook for the two weeks ahead, NOAA is predicting well above average temperatures for us, along with slightly below average precipitation, a real reversal of the trend we saw in the spring. In fact, even their experimental and unofficial long-lead forecasts indicate above average temperatures through the entire summer. This same forecast, however, does show a return to above average precipitation right through September.


“Hotter and slightly drier than normal” is the call from the Old Farmer’s Almanac for this summer, agreeing only in part with NOAA, the hot part.


So will this really turn out to be an unusually hot summer, and will it be dry or wetter than average? We’ll be here following it with you on the Teton Valley Weather Facebook page. Now where did I put those shorts last September?



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