June Snow

The mornings of June 8th and 9th both saw measurable snow in Teton Valley this year.


In case you missed it, we had some snow this week. Snow in June can be an unwelcome surprise to those trying to grow tender young plants outdoors or who have just gotten sick and tired of white landscapes and dicey roads for the past six or seven months. But this is Teton Valley, and snow in June is not unheard of. In fact, it is expected. On average, we receive 0.3 inch of snow in the valley each June, according to the available historical records.


As of this week, at my measuring spot north of the airport, we have received more than average June snow already. My count is 0.7 inch of snow, more than twice the average for the month.


The average annual snowfall for Driggs is listed as 65.2 inches of snow, and that is supposed to be based on 107 years of records. I’d love to know where those 107 years worth of records are and where the measurements were taken. I suspect many empty slots were filled in with data from nearby locations from Jackson to Rexburg. In the six years that I have been measuring snow at my location a couple of miles north of the airport in Driggs, I have never seen an annual snowfall of less than 80 inches. This year was the highest snowfall since I’ve been measuring, a whopping 121.6 inches of snow. The only year that even came close at my location was the winter of 2016-17 when I measured 115.1 inches of snow.


Last season, we had no more measurable snow after April 30. That may have added to the surprise at this season’s June snow. In 2016 and 2017, the last measurable snow was in May, and then in the spring of 2014 and 2015, I measured no snow after April. So while a little June snow is average, it hasn’t been seen for quite some time. A lovely spring surprise for the first few days of summer vacation.


Are more snowy surprises in store this season, or was that it? You can follow the weather in the valley as it unfolds on the Teton Valley Weather Facebook page. Hope to see you there and let us know what you’re seeing at your location as well.



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