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Spring flooding threatens lives and causes significant property damage in Teton Valley. How do you know if your property is at risk for flooding, especially after very snowy winters like we just had?

One way is to ask the folks who know, the ones who have been here observing conditions for decades if not generations. Another is to look at flood risk maps like Idaho’s Floodplain Management Map, the ArcGIS Risk Map Portfolio, or the Risk Factor website. But when you do this, always keep in mind that no two years are the same. A small thing like one culvert clogged with ice or debris can make all the difference in the flood pattern. And new human construction, landscaping, or attempts to mitigate flooding at one point can significantly change the situation downstream. As with all weather-related events around here, it’s best to be ready for anything, anywhere, any time. If it could possibly happen, it probably will.

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