At the time of this writing, March is not yet over, and the last few days promise to bring another blast of wind and snow to Teton Valley. But the realities of newspaper deadlines make wrapping up March as we know it so far a necessity.


Snow Banks

Overall, this was a fairly average March.


Spring officially began in the early morning hours of March 20th. Ironically, that day the temperature dropped more than 10 degrees from the day before, and we got more snow than any other day of the month. In fact, those two days brought more snow than all the rest of March put together. As of this writing, March stands at less than 7 inches of snow in total at this measuring location north of the airport in Driggs. That’s two inches below average, almost a foot below last year’s March total, and way below the marvelous March of 2018 when we picked up over two feet of snow at this location in March.


Temperature was another matter. Despite an unusually warm last two days of winter, this March was a degree and a half F below average overall. A double handful of single-digit nights, a few with a negative sign in front, led the way to a colder than average March.


By the time you read this, a couple of additional inches of March snow might have fallen and brought us up to average for the month. So overall, you’d have to say this March irons out to be pretty close to average. Can we look forward to an average April and the rest of spring, too? That’ll be the subject of an upcoming Teton Valley News Weather Blog. Stay tuned.