It's June!

It's June!



Well, we know what kind of May we had, but what’s ahead for June?


According to the averages, we should be in for a lot of 70-ish degree days, Fahrenheit-ish, 40-ish degree nights, and about one day in four with some rain totaling about as much as we had in May. But when has this year followed the averages?


According to the Climate Prediction Center, the first part of June is going to be below average in temperature for us with less than average precipitation. That’s really good news for those of us with one eye on the river level and the potential of flooding. Cooler temperatures will keep the mountain snow melt to less than tsunami proportions, and less than average precipitation will help, too.


But then by the end of June, the CPC predicts nearly average temperatures and precipitation amounts. And speaking of precipitation, on average it isn’t all rain. On the average, we still have 0.3 inch of snow in June too. Two or three sub-freezing nights can be expected in June, but this June is expected to be a little cooler than most.


Sun lovers can be pretty sure of plenty of daylight in June. We will have around 16 hours of light per day, compared to 9 ½ in December. And if you like it warm, it has gotten as hot as 95 degrees in June, though it’s rare, just one June in ten, that the temperature reaches 90.


How close will June come to being what the long term forecast predicts? Check in on the Teton Valley Weather Facebook page and tell us your thoughts.


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