Too Hot

Hot Enough For Ya?

It’s true; most folks don’t have air conditioning in Teton Valley. Sure, it gets hot, but is the cost of air conditioning worth the few weeks you’ll need it? Probably depends on how much money you’ve got. Teton Valley old-timers will tell you they are a tough breed, because that’s what it takes to be a Teton Valley old-timer, and dang if you’ll catch them wasting money on such nonsense.

It’s not climate change we’re talking about here. Hot weather is nothing new to Teton Valley. We’ve had days in the 90s F as far back as records go, which isn’t really very far, but we make do with what we have around here. Sometimes, a spell of hot weather makes someone a believer; they take the plunge and go full-on reverse cycle whole home central AC. Those people are my best friends; I visit them often in July and August. I’ll even bring the beer or the lemonade, whichever is appropriate.