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Did you know that our friends at the National Weather Service do more than support accurate weather forecasts? On their web site there is also a wealth of educational material designed especially for school age students. Parents who are suddenly supervising their child’s academic education will find these very useful for supplementing and enriching the at home lessons supplied by the school system.


Take a look at www.weather.gov or any of the local NWS office web sites. These sites are packed with so much information that it’s difficult to find exactly what you want, but if it’s educational material you’re looking for, it’s really easy. At the top of the page just to the right of center, just look for the word EDUCATION and click on it. You’ll meet their cartoon character, Owlie Skywarn, who will guide you to great resources you and your child can use to learn about weather science and stay safe in just about any weather situation you might encounter. There will be games to play, videos to watch, articles to read, and pamphlets to print out. There are links to other great educational resources not part of NWS as well, like the Boy Scout Weather Merit Badge page. For older students who are thinking of their futures, take a look at the Careers in Meteorology section. You might be surprised at the variety of weather related jobs out there for you to consider.


Not enough? Check out www.weather.gov/learning for a longer list of even more advanced resources including the NWS Online Weather School, at home webinars, and the Smithsonian Weather Lab.


If you are one of the many parents looking for ways to enhance your child’s education at home, the education section of your National Weather Service web site just might be the gold mine you were looking for.



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