As a parent of two young kids learning to ski at Targhee I am very aware of the threat of out of control skiers. I lecture the kids on skiing with consistent turns on one side of a run. Also to look uphill as they merge onto a trail or catch air on little jumps adjacent to runs. I avoid certain constrictions on the mountain like the top of the Headwall and upper Dreamweaver by traversing. I also admonish them for skiing too fast or beyond their ability especially when there are other people on the slope. 

This is also advice I share with other skiers on the mountain as a volunteer ski patroller. I often approach or chase down individuals that are skiing beyond their ability or too fast in an area with other skiers present. In fact, we are constantly encouraged to do this throughout the day when not transporting and caring for patients, bumping rope line, ski cutting or providing avalanche reduction work, practicing beacon searches, training with new patrollers and gear, or setting up slow signs and gates. I rarely sit down for more than a few minutes at work before moving onto the next task. While performing these tasks we also admonish reckless skiers constantly throughout the day.

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