Nov 3

SO much to be thankful for here in this beautiful valley.

There is plenty to be thankful for this year, but weatherwise, the amount of water we’re getting is among the most basic things to give thanks for. Without water, we’d be eating turkey jerky and Craisins Thursday night, and that glass of champagne would just be bubbles.

As of this past weekend, the amount of snow we’ve gotten this season doesn’t look very promising, just 3.92 inches of snow at my measuring spot near the airport in Driggs. Compare that to 18.8 inches of total snow at the same time in the same place last year, and it doesn’t look like anything good is happening waterwise. But wait, there’s more to water than snow depth.

Since our water year began on October 1, we normally get a little over 3 inches of water, both rain and melted snow, by this week in November. Last year, we’d only gotten 2.55 inches of water by now, but this year, we’ve nearly reached 4. All that rain and very wet, slushy snow turn out to be something to be thankful for, as disappointing as it may be for skiers.

Warm, wet falls are not unheard of in Teton Valley; we’ve had them before and will have them again. They don’t always mean the whole winter will be a disappointment for snow enthusiasts. But in this double-dipping La Nina year, it might be that the most we can be thankful for is plenty of water in whatever form we can get. Happy Thanksgiving!