(Due to a scheduling issue, there was no sheriff’s log last week, so this log include two weeks’ worth of calls.) There were 488 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 23 and May 6. Officers performed 38 traffic stops and 21 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and zero DUIs, and residents called in 61 controlled burns.

4/24 — There was a report of an argument between a husband and wife that may have included a physical altercation and objects being thrown. Deputies arrived and determined there was not enough evidence to support a citation or arrest. The couple was separated for the night.

4/24 — A caller in Driggs reported seeing a man strangling a woman outside. Deputies arrived and determined the individuals were siblings who claimed they had no intent of harming each other.

4/24 — A caller reported an intoxicated man driving on Pine Creek Pass. He was located and taken into custody for DUI and open container after failing field sobriety tests.

4/25 — The sheriff’s office performed preliminary interviews for another law enforcement agency after receiving a report of possible sexual assault that happened in a different state.

4/25 — A caller reported that her spouse was intoxicated and attempting to commit suicide. He was given a courtesy ride to the hospital for a voluntary mental evaluation.

4/26 — A caller from out of state was concerned because his fiancée said she had run out of fuel in Driggs and needed a money transfer to get to his residence, but she had stopped responding to his attempts to contact her. Deputies were unable to locate the stranded vehicle. The man later called back to say he had never met the woman in person but had sent her money in the past. He believed he might have fallen victim to a scam. Dispatch advised him not to send any more money and to contact his local law enforcement agency.

4/28 — A caller in Victor reported debris falling out of a trailer onto the highway and causing a traffic hazard. Deputies arrived and determined the driver of the trailer was impaired. He refused a breath test so the officers got a warrant for a blood draw. The man was taken into custody for second offense DUI and open container.

4/29 — There was a report of two individuals yelling at each other. Deputies arrived and determined the men were attempting to move out and were arguing over a missing motorcycle. They were given a stolen vehicle form to record the missing item, but do not appear to have followed up on the theft.

4/29 — A driver was pulled over north of Driggs for driving without his taillights on. He was cited for underage DUI, underage possession of alcohol, open container, possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, and possession of a concealed weapon while under the influence. He was released into the custody of his relatives.

4/30 — There was a single-vehicle rollover in Tetonia. The driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance and the vehicle was towed.

4/30 — A caller reported that he had sold a motorhome to his brother but there was a firearm in the home and his brother refused to return it, then sold the home to a third party. There was also an allegation that the owner of the firearm was a convicted felon. The individuals were advised on how to seek a civil protection order.

5/1 — A parent reported that her juvenile son had run away from home and driven into Wyoming in the company of an adult woman. TCSO worked with local agencies to locate the teen and return him to his family.

5/2 — A Driggs caller reported loud noise coming from a neighboring house after 11 p.m. The residents were advised of the complaint.

5/3 — A Victor caller reported that someone had stolen a license plate from his vehicle, possibly earlier in the year. The plate was entered into a national database.

5/4 — A caller reported the theft of tools from a location. The case is under investigation.

5/4 — A caller reported that his son was being threatened by his mother. Deputies spoke with the involved parties and observed none of the children in the house had any signs of physical abuse. The parents were advised of the civil process to work out visitation.

5/5 — TCSO received a delayed report of a possibly intoxicated man who caused a disturbance at a soccer game. The people who saw it happen said they would collect video proof or other evidence of the altercation.

5/5 — A caller was concerned because he and his girlfriend had left the Royal Wolf separately but she hadn’t made it home. Deputies located her and determined she was fine.

5/6 — A deputy came upon a car parked in the road outside of Willow Creek. The deputy noticed several items of paraphernalia in the car and took the driver into custody for felony possession of methamphetamine, paraphernalia, and resisting and obstructing an officer. The passenger was released.

5/6 — A woman was cited for misdemeanor battery for hitting her friend across the face during an argument at the transfer station. The same person later caused a disturbance at her parents’ house and refused to leave.

5/6 — TCSO received a report of a possible lost hiker in Darby Canyon and transferred the call to Teton County, Wyoming.

5/6 — There was a report of a physical altercation between students at Teton Middle School. The principal requested that a deputy follow up with the individual parties.

5/6 — A Tetonia caller reported seeing a vehicle with two occupants parked on private property. They were gone when deputies checked the area.