There were 224 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 16 and April 22. Officers performed 38 traffic stops and 21 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and zero DUIs, and residents called in 61 controlled burns.

4/16 — A local business reported that an individual was attempting to break into their dumpster. When deputies made contact, the individual explained that he was attempting to retrieve an important document that had been thrown away on accident. The owner of the property agreed to contact RAD to discuss the damage to the receptacle’s security device.

4/17 — An adult male was arrested on a Teton County warrant for felony possession of controlled substances and paraphernalia.

4/17 — A caller reported that when she returned home, her garage door was open and she believed bicycles to be missing from inside. While the deputy was on scene collecting information, a neighbor came by with the aforementioned bicycles. Evidently a misunderstanding, no report was taken.

4/18 — In response to a call about a suspicious vehicle parked near the Tetonia Rim, a deputy made contact with the driver of the stationary car. It turned out to be two juveniles, and the deputy may have put an abrupt end to date night.

4/18 — A caller reported that they had had an interaction with a man who had open lacerations above his eye. When deputies located the injured man, he claimed that he had no information or description of who had hurt him. With no witnesses willing to share information, the deputies were unable to file any charges.

4/18 — The fire department responded to a brush fire that was ignited by an improperly extinguished bonfire. Responders were able to extinguish the blaze, and no structures or people were harmed.

4/19 — The Department of Health and Welfare reported that they were investigating a report about an injured child who may have been the victim of child abuse. The case is currently under investigation.

4/20 — A distracted driver in Driggs inadvertently hit a parked truck with their SUV. The truck, in turn, hit a nearby parked motorcycle. For unknown reasons, the SUV then briefly caught fire—a blaze that was extinguished by a bystander with a fire extinguisher.

4/20 — A caller reported receiving a phone call from an unknown number. When she returned the call, she heard an individual crying and in a state of distress while “trying to find her friend.” When dispatch called the number, the individual who answered denied that they required any assistance.

4/22 — A caller reported two suspicious juveniles at a construction site. When a deputy responded, he discovered that the kids were, in fact, just driving remote-controlled cars. Nothing suspicious to report.