The Teton baseball team returned to the Firth diamond on Tuesday to open their 2019 season against the 2A No. 7 ranked Cougars.

Teton is starting its 2019 season with a fresh mindset. Head Coach Blake Fullmer’s group said goodbye to five seniors after a tough loss at the state tournament last year. In the opening round Teton fell 1-0 to Kimberley and went on to lose in the second round to No. 2 Payette. Neither state matches did Teton’s 2018 season justice. Fullmer’s team ended the regular season 12-4 with a district championship under its belt. The team is going to ride that success as it rebuilds.

“It’s going to be a rebuilding season for sure,” said Fullmer. “Right now we’re trying to figure out where we’ll settle in and who’s going to emerge in what position.”

Inhospitable weather has lead to game cancellations against American Falls, Marsh Valley, and West Jefferson thus far.

Teton has been confined to the high school gymnasium for practice, but enjoyed time on the pitch in Firth. They travel to Snake River on Thursday for a 3:30 contest. In their last meeting with the Panthers, Teton handily won 15-1. Down by one in the first inning, Teton opened up the floodgates with a few home runs to quickly surge ahead and take the lead. Their pace kept the Panthers on a tight leash with little room for error. Coach Fullmer is looking forward to getting his team on grass for the second time this season, though he hopes to snag another win.

“It’s going to be an opportunity to see where we’re at as a team and what we need to work on for the season,” said Fullmer. “We have three seniors, five juniors, and three sophomores — plenty of upperclassmen who have played together in the past.”


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