Targhee Hill Climb

Trevor Garner had time for a selfie before his ride up Targhee to a first overall finish.

Last Saturday marked the 24th Annual Targhee Hill Climb, sponsored by Peaked Sports. Net proceeds of the race benefit Teton Valley Trials and Pathways. TVTAP promotes a trails and pathways connected community. The organization brings together citizens, businesses, and local governments to expand the Valley’s opportunities for outdoor recreation and nature appreciation, while linking communities, providing access to National Forest trails, and promoting healthy mountain lifestyles.

Racer awards are Non-Profit Bucks that the winners can donate to the local non-profit of their choice. Racers were also treated to a raffle in which every participant gets a prize.

For the racers this year, temperatures were in the low 60’s with a few rain showers to wet the pavement for the ride up. The sun came out in time to dry the road for the trip back down. New pavement in 2017 on the upper 6 miles in Wyoming gave a smooth ride to all, even the cows. The Idaho section from Cottonwood Corner to Stateline was chipped with quarter inch chips in June of 2016 and after winters of plowing was much better than the previous surface.

From a 10 a.m. time trial start on 30 second intervals the racers headed up Little Ave from Peaked Sports, bound for Grand Targhee. Traditionally the slower racers start first followed by the faster racers. The course climbs 2,200 vertical feet in 12 miles. With the first four miles up Little Ave and Ski Hill Road relatively flat, the faster racers opted for time trial bikes or aero clip-ons.

Trevor Garner of Victor lead all racers to the top in a time of 42:19, closely followed by Charlie Hagen of Jackson at 43:33. Rob Van Kirk of Ashton was third overall with a time of 43:54 and the fastest in the M50 age group while Charlie’s time was the fastest of the M30 group. Rob has the 7 fastest times in the M50 group, including the course record at 40:00. Jim Reinertsen led the M70 group this year with time of 1:04:02.

In the women’s race, Loranne Ausley came all the way from Tallahassee, FL to place first in 1:09:46, also winning the F50 group. Annie Mostkoff of Tetonia was first in the F60 group in a time of 1:30:57.


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