The Teton High School girls softball was holding out hope that spring sports would continue in some way or fashion this year. Coming off a tough season last year, there was reason for hope with the likes of six seniors returning for varsity but the announcement by the IHSAA to cancel all spring sports eliminated that hope.

Senior co-captain and third baseman Sidney McCallum found it hard to come up with the right words.

“It’s tough to watch it all slip through my fingertips and it’s hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful part of my life so early. I can genuinely say I have my best friends through this sport and the memories I have made I will never forget,” she said.

This season would have been the first year at the helm for head coach Angie Kincaid.

“In life there is going to be plans that are cancelled, changed, uprooted. Those don’t define you but how you respond to those will” Coach Kincaid said. “Softball has many lessons in dedication, overcoming fears, and teamwork that go beyond the ball field and into the real world.”

The returning seniors were looking forward to a big final year.

Senior Sadie Hicks was entering into her fourth season of pitching for the team and was looking forward to the season as it is the only sport she participates in.

“You really have to be mindful of yourself,” Hicks said. “Sometimes it feels like the whole game is riding on you but actually the whole team is relying on each other”.

The coaches and girls supported each other and it will be tough not hearing “Let’s go 1-4” from the dugout. Beyond winning, they were there for each other through everything.

Winning not always the most important goal. Senior first-basemen, Kinley Baler, remembers hitting the very first pitch in her first game and overcoming her nerves.

“I rounded first, kept going, and I biffed it. I don’t really know what happened but I still made it to second,” Kinley said.

It was just another example of getting back up when you are down for these girls. They learned how to dig deep and be competitive as well as not be too discouraged by a tough loss.

Without a doubt, the Teton High School softball team shared some amazing memories. Senior Kylie Driggs’s top highlight was, “Winning against Kimberely in our Buhl tournament.”

Kylie played right field and is one of those kids who puts in the work and is always the last one to leave wanting to field just “a few more” fly balls.

Senior speedster and co-captain Caysea Lerwill also recalled the big win over Kimberly. “It felt really good as we came together as a team” said Lerwill, to defeat one of the top teams at state that year.

The team is learning to deal with a lost season but continue to be positive through this experience.

“Softball teaches you how to be a good person, about how to be a leader, and how to be a friend” said senior center fielder Sayler Kunz who could always keep the girls smiling as the team comedian.

Coach Kincaid and assistant Deb Johnson are confident that the girls will go on to do great things and can’t wait to see where they end up in the future.

“Look for the lessons in life. Don’t waste it away being angry. I hope they see in you the strength to face difficulties, the courage to step out and make a difference, love for all those around you, and the determination to succeed no matter what life throws at you,” said Kincaid as a final message to the girls.


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