South Fremont quarterback Kaimen Peebles carries the football.

South Fremont quarterback Kaimen Peebles tries to skirt past Teton's Dawson Kaufman on Oct. 23. Teton beat South 19-13 on Friday, leading to a Kansas City tiebreaker.  

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any wilder, in pops the term “Kansas City tiebreaker.”

South Fremont, Sugar-Salem and Teton will get some more playing time on Monday as all three finished 1-1 in the Mountain Rivers Conference, courtesy of Teton’s 19-13 win over South Fremont on Friday night. Teton tailback Cooper Cooke scored a 25-yard touchdown to beat South. 

To determine playoff seeding, the tiebreaker requires all three teams to play a “Kansas City” style competition similar to college overtime.

One team starts at the 40-yard line and tries to score. Play continues until a team outscores the opponent. Each team will play the other two to determine who eventually wins.

“It’s intense,” Teton coach Brody Birch said, noting that the conference did the tiebreaker in 2014 to determine the second-place team.

Making things more dramatic is that the conference only has 1 1/2 berths, so the winner is top seed and the second team has to play next week. The third team does not make the playoffs.

Sugar-Salem (7-1), South Fremont (6-2) and Teton (5-3) could all be state champion challengers, Birch said, so the “Kansas City” format is going to leave one deserving team out of the postseason.

The only thing worse would be if a coin flip determined the seedings.

“It would be sickening to be a coin flip,” he said.

The tiebreaker is Monday at Madison High and starts at 6 p.m.

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