Last year, the Jackson Hole High School created the Battle of the Tetons trophy and promptly turned over the beautifully sculpted prize to Teton High School whose classic come from behind win on home turf kicked off a high energy season for the local team.

This Friday, a more experienced Teton team will head over the pass, trophy in hand, and without any thoughts of handing it back to the Wyoming team. In fact, Teton has not lost to Jackson since 2014. With 10 seniors and 14 juniors wearing orange and maroon this Friday, Head Coach Brody Birch is eyeing another win against Jackson as well as a promising season in a competitive conference.

“We will definitely compete,” said Birch of the 2019/20 season. “As long as we stay healthy.”

Led by senior quarterback Dusty Hess, Birch said Hess was faster and stronger coming in this season.

The team went 2 and 9 last year winning against Jackson and then again at the homecoming against Salmon and dogged by injury and illness through the wet fall season in the mountains. But that was last year, and Birch, along with new defensive coach Jeff Wilkes who will take Tom Vanderhorst’s position with the team, are more confident than ever. That may be due to what Birch describes as a “unified, noisy, energetic and passionate,” team.

“Our conference is arguably the best in the state,” said Birch. “Sugar was the state champion last year, but we are going to be competitive in the conference.”

Teton is in the 3A Mountain Rivers Conference which includes South Fremont and Sugar Salem. Teton doesn’t meet South and Sugar until October, both home games. South Fremont went 6 in 10 last year thumping Teton 46 to 9. Sugar went 10 and 11 scoring 56 points over Teton’s 13 mid season.


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