The uphill battle finally paid off for Teton Softball in their win against Kimberly High School last week.

The team snuck away with a 15-14 win to close out an exciting game. Hard work is nothing new to Teton’s vernacular, and they’ve refused to give up all season. With bases loaded against Sugar-Salem, it looked as though Teton might come away with back-to-back wins, yet somehow came up a few runs short despite the extra innings. Casea Lerwell pitched several big games for Teton, leading the charge in their win against Kimberley and the dramatic finish against the Diggers.

“Casea helped us get a big win and our pitching game is getting stronger,” said Head Coach Jim Williams. “It’s team effort, but a lot of our success is dependent on whoever is having a good day on the mound.”

With newfound focus on batting and getting on base, Teton will look to be competitive in the the upcoming district tournament.

The season has seen a constant battle between South Fremont and Sugar-Salem High Schools, but no one is counting anyone out yet. While Teton has yet to pull the upset, anyone can beat anyone on the given day according to Coach Williams. The stakes are high and the competition is evenly matched.

“I think we have a chance at winning districts, especially if our pitching holds up,” said Williams. “We’re also hoping to have at least one home game before the tournament. We’re trying to get the field ready.”

Teton will look to host their first home-game of the season against West Jefferson tomorrow at 4 p.m. if field conditions permit.


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