Teton Baseball lost a 4-3 nail-biter to rival, Snake River High School last week.

Teton opened their scoring drive in the first inning, slamming 3 runs back-to-back in what looked like a promising match-up. Snake River began scrambling to get on the board. Teton stepped up to the plate in the second inning, ready to knock a few out of the park when suddenly, their bats went cold. In a frustrating trance, the Panthers snuck back into the game and took the lead. Head Coach Blake Fullmer attributed their early lead to one of several possible factors that lead to a loss.

“It’s tough to try and hold on to a small lead for an entire game like that,” said Fullmer. “It puts unneeded pressure on everyone.”

Teton will shake off the loss in preparation for the Buhl Tournament this weekend.

Coach Fullmer stated the team's current focus is simply working on quality hitting. Teton did exceptionally well in the tournament last year with nearly 37 runs in only two games. The team will look to give another slug fest and secure a win on the road. Regardless of last season, Teton is aware that the slate is new - and so is the competition.

“We did well in the Buhl tournament last year,” said Fullmer. “I feel we can do well again. We want to have quality bats every inning to give ourselves more opportunities to score runs.”


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