Teton Baseball traveled to Buhl for its annual tournament last weekend and the result was positive over all.

In their first game against Filer on Friday morning, the two teams stood locked in a 1-1 tie. Teton set themselves up for a winning run with bases loaded at the bottom of the seventh. Unfortunately, the umpire called the game due to a time limit though Teton felt they were on the verge of victory.

“It’s frustrating,” said Head Coach Blake Fullmer. “It was a time thing and I think we could have come away with a win.”

The second game against Buhl was a walk in the park.

Bats cracked and the stands erupted as Teton ran away with a 12-1 victory. Senior Satchel Heinen hit a grand slam home run for his team and junior Dylan Hatch scored several runs as well. Things abruptly turned in the third game when Teton fell 13-3 to Kimberly on Saturday. Several balls were thrown in the wrong direction, and ultimately Teton struggled at bat. They shook it off and came back with a win against American Falls in their final game of the tournament. It was a fairly easy win for Teton who stomped the Beavers 14-3.

“Overall it was a positive experience,” said Fullmer. “This week we’ve been focusing on our situational awareness. There were a few times last weekend when we made throws where they shouldn’t have been. Obviously, we’re also working on batting.”

Teton played Snake River yesterday and will look to host Marsh Valley tomorrow if weather permits.


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