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Teton Valley Composite sixth grader James Pilzer shows off his bunny hop at the end of his first mountain bike race at Grand Targhee.

The Teton Valley Composite middle and high school mountain bike team had its second race of the season last weekend at Grand Targhee Resort. For many racers it was their first time toeing the line at an event that hosted almost 700 kids and their families. While the course was dusty, temperatures were perfect and after a quick morning rain, the sun shone all day.

Quite a few TVC kids found their way onto podiums on Saturday, including several who had never raced or placed before.

6th Grade A: Caleb Bender 5th

7th Grade B: Brixton Jordan 1st, Garrett Mann 5th

8th Grade A: Peter Warner 2nd, Jacob Hora 5th

8th Grade B: Finn Eidem 2nd, Ty Woolstenhulme 5th

Freshman Boys: Asher Jacoby 5th

JV Boys: Arden Jacoby 7th

6th Grade Girls: Isabel Warner 2nd, Daisha Jacoby 5th

Sophomore Girls: Elizabeth Mann 4th

JV Girls: Sara Olerud 1st, Mackenzie Lee 8th


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