The Back Street Mile was a strong kick-off the Fourth in Teton Valley with proceeds from the race going toward the Teton High School Cross Country team.

What do we do to celebrate our physical existence? We dance, we run, we turn our faces to the sky when it rains. In our stress-riven info-tech society, adults and kids of all ages seem to celebrate pure being less and less as the decades pass.

Not so for a small group of youth who awoke early on the Fourth to celebrate the cool morning air at Sherman Park in Victor. The ages of the celebrants ran from teens to fifty-somethings.

The Back Street Mile is a footrace of that exact distance that circumscribes the park. Only nine showed up for the second edition of this simple ritual but all felt the primal joy of willing their limbs to carry them swiftly around the four cardinal directions and into the finish with the new sun over their left shoulders.

It cost them a neat $10, all of which benefits the Teton High School Cross Country team. There were prizes for all participants. And most importantly, there was that commemorative action, joyous and primeval. A run before breakfast and what can be more physical or more basic? What a way to start the nation’s 243rd birthday.

Leading the race was Lance Safiran who clocked in at 5:20.96. Fast on his heels was fellow Teton harrier teammate, Jack Dobbs at 5:30.62 — a fitting trade off as Dobbs bested Safiran in the 2018 Turkey Trot. Seth Jensen was third with a time of 6:05.96, Cameron Edwards, 6:25.14, Franklin Carranza, 6:43.68, Ray Safiran, 8:35.68, Amelia Wilson, 9:04.78, Macey Roberts 9:39.18 and Lillian Jensen, 9:49.08.

For so many reasons — this group is this month’s Athletes of the Month! Congrats!


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