Teton Ridge Classic

Cross Country Race Participation/Results

December 21 — West Spam Cup Classic, West Yellowstone

Men 10K — Arden Jacoby, Asher Jacoby — top 10 finish, Nate Streubel, Peter Warner — 5th place finish

Men 5K — Jacob Collins — 3rd place finish

Women 3K — Daisha Jacoby — top 10 finish, Aven Kelley, Isabel Warner — top 10 finish

December 28 — Betty Woolsey Classic, Trail Creek Nordic Center

10K — Asher Jacoby — top 10 finish, Peter Warner — top 10 finish

5K — Caleb Bender, Sam Bender, Jacob Collins — top 10 finish, Liam Peterson — top 10 finish

3K — Emilyn Bender, Daisha Jacoby — 5th place finish, Salim Jacoby — top 10 finish, Grady Jensen, Isabel Warner — 4th place finish

1/2K — Penelope Jensen — 2nd place finish

January 11 — Teton Ridge Classic, Grand Targhee Resort

2K — in order of placement — Isabel Warner, Sam Bender, Aven Kelley, Daisha Jacoby, Grady Jensen, Salim Jacoby, Emilyn Bender, Olin Hugo

7K — in order of placement — Peter Warner, Arden Jacoby, Zane Lindquist, Caleb Bender, Sara Olerud, Bjorn Lindquist

14K — Finn Eidem — top 10 finish, Liam Peterson

Alpine Race Participation/Results

December 20-23 — Sean Nurse Memorial, Snow King Mountain

Women: Taylor Smith, Skylar White

Men: Felix Stock, Jackson Heaton, Cooper Romanzi — top 10 finish in Men’s Slalom

January 4, 2020 — Bank of Jackson Hole Club Series #1Caroline Classic (GS), Snow King Mountain -

TVSEF Alpine Development Participants

U8 — Dalton Blough, Owen Fischer

U10 — Olin Hugo

TVSEF Alpine Race Participants

U8 — Myles Francis — 2nd place finish

U10 — Emmett White — 1st place finish, Neil Klein — 3rd place finish, Jack Beck, Rowan Bertsch, Reese Chircop,

U12 — Ryder Chircop, Lincoln Klausmann

U14 — Declan White — 1st place finish, Eli Berkenfield — 3rd place finish, Jackson Heaton

With only having 8 percent of total registrants, 12 athletes out of 143 competitors, TVSEF athletes podiumed for the top 3 in nearly every age class for males!

January 10-12 — Wes Barron Speed Series, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Taylor Smith

January 11, 2020 — USSA IMD North Series U12 (GS), Grand Targhee Resort -

U8 — Myles Francis — 1st place finish, Reese Chircop — 2nd place finish

U10 — Jack Beck — 6th place finish, Rowan Gardner, Neil Klein, Emmett White — 2nd place finish

U12 — Ryder Chircop, Lincoln Klausmann, Cash Warren — 5th place finish

U14 — Eli Berkenfield, Jackson Heaton — 2nd place finish, Declan White — 1st place finish


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