Post race Redfish.jpg

Marya and Caleb Moosman, Mindy Kaufman and Neil Gleichman captured on film post-race.

Teton cross country coaches showed up to Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains, laced and ready to fly.

Coach Mindy Kaufman won the 10k event (6.2 miles) outright. It was a time trial with the next nearest competitor nearly a mile back. She invested her remaining energy in a climb of Phi Kappa Mountain (10,585’) above Sun Valley.

Coach Caleb Moosman commanded the Half Marathon event (13.1 miles) blitzing a 1:17 on a hilly course at altitude. Caleb was motivated to support his mom, Marya Moosman who had cheered his cross country pursuits in high school and college. Marya in her first 5k event ever, finished 37th out of 73.

Eric Moosman captured the post race celebration for posterity with the Grand Mogul and Mount Heyburn as a backdrop while retired coach Neil Gleichman ran the 10k.