8-year-old Benjamin Graupner hit a hole-in-one on Aug. 25 on The Links at Teton Peaks.

On Sunday, Aug. 25, a golfer hit a hole in one at The Links at Teton Peaks. It was the first ace of the season at that course but that wasn’t even the most noteworthy part of the story. The golfer was only eight years old.

At Hole 10, par 3, young Benjamin Graupner hit the ball 83 yards into the cup using a 6 hybrid club. The hole in one was witnessed by his brother Malachi and his grandfather John Nielson, the owner of the Pines Motel in Driggs.

This is Benjamin’s first year playing golf, and Brent Baldwin, the head pro at The Links, said the achievement took both natural skill and good luck. According to Golf Digest, an average golfer’s chance of an ace is 12,500 to 1. Baldwin has been playing golf for 35 years and has hit only one hole in one.

Benjamin registered his hole in one on the PGA website and after Baldwin verified his information and score, he was issued a certificate of recognition. Benjamin’s name will be listed in the PGA Hole in One Archives at the PGA Historical Center in Florida.

“He was beside himself, it’s awesome,” Baldwin said.


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