In 2018, America experienced a record-breaking number of women running (and winning) to serve our country. From voters to supporters and organizers to candidates, this surge in women’s civic participation isn’t an anomaly, it’s the new norm. On April 13, in Washington, D.C. and communities across the country including Jackson, the second annual Courage to Run 5K will celebrate women leaders becoming civically active and running for office.

The run will be at the Stilson Ranch Lot at 10 a.m.

As the nation’s premier nonpartisan 5K run/walk, Courage to Run champions women, cheers them on to finish strong and recognizes the endurance necessary to be healthy and effective in politics today. Last year, women electeds, candidates and supporters of women running for office participated in the inaugural event, representing communities in more than 25 states.

In Wyoming, a team of elected officials and candidates – Democrats and Republicans – ran their Courage to Run 5K together as a sign of unity and commitment to public camaraderie with my peers while also creating space to talk about the challenges of being a woman in elected office and how we can work together to change things for the next generation.

Women stepping up to serve their communities are also inspiring the next generation of leaders. Exposure for young adults is essential to fostering community involvement and partnering with GAP! (Girls Actively Participating) is unique to this year’s event in Jackson. GAP!’s middle school participants will pay a visit to the county commission chambers on April 9 and 10. Chairwoman Macker and other current elected officials will share their experiences serving in public office during their visit.

“GAP!’s mission of promoting the success of girls through community building was a natural fit for this event,” said organizer and co-captain Seadar Rose Davis. “My hope is that by giving these young women a chance to see themselves in our candidates and elected officials, it will empower them to embrace their strengths and aspirations.”

Registration is still open for this year’s event. Those interested in joining in the Jackson 5K can visit to sign up. Women who are running for office, current or past elected officials, and women who have previously run for office as well as supporters are encouraged to participate. Net proceeds go to more than diverse organizations devoted to training and engaging a new generation of civic leaders.

Courage to Run Jackson is made possible through the support of The Equipoise Fund. Contact for more details or questions.

Running a 5K, a campaign, a cause, for office and our government all require an open mindset, physical endurance and heartfelt vision … and they all take the courage to run.


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