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I’d like to tell you ‘bout the man of stature five foot three. My eyes saw him at ten feet tall. He meant the world to me.

Settlers used the best methods available to secure water for themselves and their livestock, and sometimes they ended up using several methods.

Removed barbed wire is held away from JHWF volunteers while working on an obsolete fence.

JHWF volunteers fight through the forest while removing overgrown and derelict fencing.

JHWF volunteers roll up fence in a forested section of land. Old, saggy wire can pose a major trap for various species of wildlife. in 2019 JH…

A well-placed, well-built snow fence can do a lot to make life easier, but before you begin, there are some things you need to know. If it isn…

I gazed down at the fence line, prob’ly near a quarter mile. One lodgepole post lay on the ground. It’d been there for a while.