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I’m short by all the standards, ‘cuz I stand at five foot three. It has never been a problem, but today I’d disagree.

Getting old is not so bad. I just turned sixty four. And hopefully, with any luck, I’ll have a few years more.

Four cowboys lit out on the road, just out to have some fun. Their old and weathered faces showed the years from summer’s sun.

I watched him pull the latch and then he hollered, “Let ‘em out!” I was gonna learn my lesson of what rodeo’s about.

I rolled out of my sleeping bag. ‘Twas dang near eight o’clock. My tent was by the campfire and I’d slept hard, like a rock.

I take my cowboy hat off to the graduating class. This year has been peculiar. Doubt that any will surpass.

He kicked off two wool blankets, put his feet down on the floor. His plumb full bladder told him, “Empty out your reservoir.”

It was summer of my sixteenth year. We’d rounded up the mules. Our wranglers worked from dawn to dusk. One said, “We must be fools.”