Letter To Representative Simpson and Senators Crapo and Risch:

You three elected officials have, like all of us, been forced to witness Donald Trump’s monstrous multi-phased attack on our democracy as it was choreographed in rally after rally and broadcast week after week in local media, national media, and social media.

He began his assault with the repeated false assertion that our elections are rigged and that if he were to lose in November 2020 that would itself be proof of fraud.

This false and dangerous rhetoric casting doubt on the very foundation of our democracy planted the seed.

And you were silent.

When Trump did in fact lose the election, he promoted the subsequent lie that his victory had been stolen from him.

And you were silent.

When he then urged his followers to join him in DC on January 6th to “stop the steal,” they came, prepared and exploited by their leader, to turn resentment and anger into righteous action.

And you were still silent.

As Congresswoman Liz Cheney said, “The President of the United States summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of the attack.”

But you were silent.

Your silence in effect endorsed and amplified the lies, allowing resentment and fear to grow ever more toxic. And unlike the millions who met the challenge to cast their ballots in November, you did not use your votes to speak the truth but instead have remained silent.

When will you find your own voices to help pull our country back from the precipitous descent into tyranny?

Molly Brown