If you are interested in having a top-notch thriving community which honors our small town heritage, I couldn't give Landon Kaufman a higher recommendation. Landon manifests all the qualities that constitute a great city councilman; integrity, effective planning, complete preparation, communication skills and a genuine concern for his neighbors.

I can vouch for his impeccable honesty and integrity. Landon is hard-working and his down-to-earth manner has always facilitated any concerns that have arisen. He will listen.

He brings with him considerable education and business experience. He understands the critical issues that face the City of Victor and believes deeply in community and small town values. He has shown this by years of voluntary service to the community in many capacities to include youth program leadership and the city’s winter festival.

Without reservation, I recommend Landon Kaufman as the next city councilman. He will bring quality leadership, a wealth of experience and great success to the City of Victor. Beyond his accomplishments and leadership, he is simply a good man with a desire to improve the lives of all of those around him. His intentions are honorable and his efforts will be unmatched. He will be wonderful in working with city administration, staff and citizens—all will find him eager to assist where he can. He will be an asset to the city by what he accomplishes; but, more importantly, by who he is.

Barbara Boyle



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