There is no question but that we in Teton Valley owe a great deal to our Broulim’s store. It is a well-managed operation that has brought goods to us for every need and taste. The employees are warm, friendly, well trained and instantly helpful. The display cases are impressive and some are actual works of art. We have benefitted in many ways. As I said above, there are goods for every need and taste, however (and this is a “however” letter), there are not goods for every budget.

In all directions from the valley there are outlets that supply the same things as Broulim’s for much more affordable prices. We are told that Broulim’s executives, who have failed in similar bids two times before, have offered the Teton County School District $600,000, which is double their asking price, if they “can successfully navigate the city rezone and development process.” Double the asking price? And why not? From their point of view it makes perfect business sense. Competition is the key: whether there is competition or there is not. If we were to have two Broulim’s in Teton Valley we can say goodbye to good prices for a generation or beyond. What will best serve the needs of this community is COMPETITION. Please, let us not make this mistake. We cannot have another Broulim’s.

Kitchener E Head