I met Mike Whitfield nearly 20 years ago when he was the Executive Director of the Teton Regional Land Trust. Our family put our property into a Conservation Easement with the Land Trust. In our negotiations, I recall how impressed I was with Mike’s straightforward and fair manner. He was firm on topics critical to the Land Trust’s interest, yet always willing to listen and negotiate issues where there was room for compromise. Mike was able to clearly explain why the Land Trust took certain positions and I felt he always listened to my concerns and needs throughout the process. I have no doubt those values and skills will serve him well in the role of County Commissioner. I believe Mike will listen to and factor in all opinions from community members on any subject before the Commission. I know he will use reason and good judgement in his decision-making process. I also think Mike will dedicate the time and effort necessary to accomplish the important work that seems to languish in our county government. We need to finish work on our land use code to help clearly shape the future of how we develop as a Valley. Our Valley can’t afford more years of leadership that offers plenty of rhetoric about looking out for one constituency or another, but seemingly has little time to roll up sleeves and make the hard, sometimes unpopular decisions that come with the office. We need to support and encourage measured growth while preserving many of the things we all value about this place. Inevitably, this will involve making decisions that won’t please everyone in this Valley. I believe Mike Whitfield will put in the time necessary to make sound, informed decisions after factoring in input from Community Members, County Staff and Consultants engaged by the County to provide professional advice. He has my support and I hope you will consider voting for him in the upcoming election.

Tim Watters