Trump’s wild and frantic attempts to overturn Biden’s 7 million popular vote and 306 electoral vote “landslide” victory, will be what Trump is remembered for … his Waterloo, his destruction of the Republican Party. It’s all about Trump, not the people he is supposed to represent. Federal and all 50 State election officials, the Department of Justice, the FBI, intelligence agencies, Republican Governors, state and federal judges, have all found Trump’s claims of voter fraud baseless, bizarre, without evidence, and a mockery. His supporters threaten honest Republican officials who speak truth to power with death threats and their wives with sexual violence. He is ripping a radical, crazy wing out of the body of the Republican Party and the question is how much meat is going with it. These are not Republicans, these are Trumpers. The question is how much of the Republican Party is going to be a populist, white-identity Trumper party where words like “truth” and “lie” no longer have meaning, where our darkest instincts are given license, where things like human decency and tolerance are relics of a bygone day.

Trump is obviously terrified that the protections afforded him by the Presidency will dissolve in January. What will he do about the nearly half a billion dollars he owes? What about the state tax fraud and other criminal and civil cases he faces –he cannot pardon himself from the state crimes. He’s taken a page out his dear friend Vladamir Putin’s playbook – he is abusing his position and power trying to destroy our democracy and hold onto power indefinitely. Courageously, Mitt Romney protested: “Having failed to make even plausible case… before a court… the President has now resorted to pressure state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election.”

When Trump’s lawyers stand before judges they have refused to even allege fraud because there are legal consequences for lying to judges. Shamefully some Idaho politicians have joined in Texas AG Paxton’s lawsuit to overturn the elections in four states … which appears to be a last ditch effort by Paxton to win a pardon from Trump for alleged bribery and abuse of the AG office. Fortunately, this joke of a case is going nowhere … but it is a harbinger of the future direction of the Republican Party.

Brett Bowhan