Every month I wait with glee

To grab the newspaper, open fast and see,

My favorite poet cowboy's poem of the month

It always keeps me from bein debunked. 

We all owe him high five

For makin our day.

His messages are so awesome, we ought to pay!

They make us laugh; they make us cry, 

Each has a lesson of how or why. 

Cheers for his wonderful parents who taught

Him to learn from every event,

As we know from his stories, time with them was well-spent. 

I use his poems for family parties and

Some for my primary class; cuz they are 

All so very good, alas alas...

I send them to my son-in-laws on ranches out of state. 

Now they too tell me - "Just can't wait."

"Keep up the good work Bryce, you are the best!"

As you put us thinkin laughter is the best medicine,

And we all need more respect and appreciation to the test! 


Shellie Burns Woolstenhulme 

Felt/St Anthony