Teton Valley, by its own rights, has a sordid history. The men and women that settled this place, did so, as Dale Marcum (without his approval) has shown at any number of Boy Scout Camps, were watching out for themselves (and the American Indians and other people). Samuel Kunz was one of them. He had, with all the histories compiled, three wives.

Which, to those just new to Victor, means nothing. That’s how it works. Someone like me--born and raised, went on a Mormon Mission, then school, lots and lots of school, comes home when I do, for the reasons I do, meets someone who moved to Driggs three weeks ago. Knows nothing of the Beards, Wilsons, Jacobys, Smiths, Hansens, et al.

Those new to the valley might, after a time, run for public office. They might want to make changes. Those caught in the middle--my Uncle, Michael Whitfield--explores Darby Canyon on skis. He is, by all measure, someone who loves the Valley, but also is aware of change (sorry Uncle Mike if I got that wrong).

Life goes on, right. It does. And every day brings some new thing.

It isn’t brave to leave your house in the same way it isn’t brave to stay in your house. Those things, feelings, perceptions don’t matter. Over 75,000 Americans have died. Over 1.2 million have been tested positive for covid19.

Teton Valley isn’t Manhattan. It isn’t Rexburg. Or IF. Not Logan or SLC.

But it is my hometown. And folks can choose to stay home or rise up and protest. Either way, people are still dying, getting infected, and out of work. It isn’t a simple choice. It isn’t easy.

Consider your audience. For me, it’s my students at USU, in the Fall, when who knows what is happening who knows where. But I still have to get my stuff together. I don’t have time to blame anyone. But I do, always, consider my audience. I have to be aware and researched long before I meet those students in the Fall. And I will.

Also, bravery isn’t something you measure. It isn’t something you reconcile. It is, after all, something innate and seen from the outside. If anyone tells you that they are brave, evidence aside, don’t believe them. Bravery has never never been something seen. No matter the meme. No matter the audience.

Robb Kunz

Logan, UT


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