Every year I try to give thanks for all my blessings and identify them. This year I thought of the normal, giving thanks for my family and our health and our happiness but then I reflected over the last year and couldn’t help identifying all the anger, hatred, unhappiness and intolerance going on around us. So, I started thinking about what am I really grateful for in MY life this year.

I am grateful to live in America, especially in Idaho. I’m grateful we can move around freely most often without worrying about getting shot, grateful to be able to speak freely, worship freely and love freely. I’m grateful this country provides the ability for us to have exceptional health care facilities, doctors and nurses, so if we get sick, many times we can get better to live our wonderfully free lives. I’m grateful there are so many opportunities for people to fulfill their potential and become successful whether it is being an entrepreneur, a doctor, salesperson, artist, athlete, musician or teacher. This is the time of year to focus on what’s RIGHT with our lives, let’s not focus on what’s wrong during the six weeks of holiday festivities. Maybe if we do that, we will enter into the New Year with a little less anger, unhappiness, hatred and intolerance and we can find some peace in 2020!

God bless this great country of ours—America the Beautiful!

Dee Gustafson


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