I was a Redskin. I enjoyed being a Redskin. By the time my class came around we didn’t really have a mascot. We were Redskins in name only. We were unable to use our mascot because of its offensive nature. Because of this, a whole generation of Teton High School students could not connect with the Redskin mascot as the older alums had. The mascot has been suffering a long painful death for the last 20 years.

So why do some mourn the passing of an era? The fond memories and the spirit of Teton High School remain: Growing together in this paradise in the mountains, being on a team of underdogs with the inevitable defeats and the unlikely victories. Taking time off from school to learn how to ski. Gaining a love of work and industry by moving pipe and harvesting potatoes. Fostering a love of the valley and community, something that every citizen of Teton county can relate to. Being a Redskin is a part of every THS alum’s identity. It was our mascot whether we liked it or not.

We need a mascot that the whole valley can get behind. One that we all can be proud of, one which will connect the past spirit of Teton High School with the future of the valley. Look to the future and remember with love the experiences we shared as Redskins. With that same love embrace the change.

I propose we adopt the Colts as our mascot in honor of the late Colt Kunz, the son of Mr. Ryan Kunz, a beloved former teacher at THS, both of whom exemplify the spirit of Teton High School.

Let’s be proud of what we had and be optimistic for our future.

Elizabeth Fife

Tallahassee, FL


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