My name is Dayna and I am a long-time resident of Teton Valley. Many of you may know me as the Computer Repair lady. Alas, I have hung up my keyboards and mice and have moved on to a new adventure. If you read the paper a couple of weeks ago, you would have seen an article the paper did on my new shop. I want to expand on one of the points they made.

My original plan after closing Dayna's Computer Repair was to open a frozen yogurt shop: Crazy Ladies Froyo. Equipment was purchased, distributors contacted, yard games made. And then came the City of Victor. With a resounding no. Yes, you heard me. No. And this was their "reasoning". It was my responsibility to install sidewalks, trees, gutters, lights, etc... to the tune of $217,000. Oh, and that did not include hooking into the existing drainage system. So, add a few thousand dollars for that. Rob Heuseveldt, the city engineer kindly printed out an estimate for me. He did, of course, give me a few other options to pay for this...out of my pocket.

I worked for two months with Victor City Planning department on how we can resolve this. Should I try for a variance? I did the stack of papers they required of me and right before I was to submit it to the city for their consideration, Planning and Zoning recommended that I not waste the $800 plus fee because it probably wouldn't be passed anyway. All of this is documented via emails.

After all this time wasted with Yogurt equipment gathering dust in my store, I made the decision to go in a different direction and Cold Smoke was born. Heck, the P&Z even read that suggestion to me. A vape shop. Instead of a yogurt shop. In Teton Valley.

So, here I am. Selling fremium quality CBD and Vape products and couldn't be happier. Would I have loved to see a Family Friendly Frozen Yogurt shop open in this wonderful community? Yes, absolutely. Thanks to the City of Victor and their "codes", I am giving back in a completely different way. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call the City of Victor. They know all about it.

Dayna Schmidt



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