Over the past decade I have been losing hope that we as a people are able to remain civil enough to continue our journey together as a Nation to accomplish national goals and lead the world. Recently, three male teens restored my hope.

I was losing hope, first, because of the so prevalent “we vs them” attitude. How tribalism (e.g., political party) can become our core, our identity. Tribalism is an easy path to follow (e.g., my party thinks, makes decisions for me). Tribalism is dangerous; it can destroy great civilizations (e.g., middle East, religious tribalism).

More importantly, though, I was losing hope because this “we vs them” attitude has so much potential to destroy morality, which I submit is the foundation to any society’s/Nation’s longevity. Thus morality is like a house’s foundation; our differing ideologies like the different rooms of the house resting on its foundation. Thus should morality dissipate, our ideologies will become superfluous, our Nation inconsequential.

Morality, to me, includes kindness, respect, compassion and humility. Such character traits are at the core of Christianity and other great religions. President Trump’s behavior is antithetical to these moral values. And exhibited all too frequently. Other Presidents have exhibited immoral behavior too (e.g., W. Clinton, R. Nixon) but that does not make their actions acceptable either. It saddens me to know that when a child needs to be disciplined nowadays, we parents can no longer say, “BE Presidential,” but rather have to say, “STOP being Presidential.”

I believe we as a people have the duty to hold those who support immoral behavior accountable. If we do not, who will? Will we allow the foundation of this Nation to crumble?

How have the three male teens restored my hope? Because they demonstrated politeness, said to be “at the core of morality.” (Brooks, “The Second Mountain”). I was in a store near Broulim's and saw the teens throwing a football in the parking lot where my new truck was parked. Summoning them over to me (they complied graciously), I explained that throwing a football was risky behavior because of the danger to damaging vehicles, or worst, injuring others. I asked them to be careful, consider playing ball elsewhere, and have a good time. They treated me with respect; they were polite.

I have hope. Morality still exists. Kudos to them, their parents and others who believe in the importance of morality.

Felix Zajac



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