I will vote for Bailey Smith for prosecuting attorney. Bailey brings excellent credentials and experience, with a JD from George Washington University, a BA from University of Richmond, and years of criminal law work in the competitive Southern District of New York. After relocating to Teton Valley and taking a position in our prosecutor’s office, Bailey was recruited by the U.S. Attorney for New York to be a federal prosecutor. She turned down the offer in favor of her job in Teton Valley. Bailey says that she is not a politician, and I believe her. Bailey is a prosecutor who wants to keep her job. Recently a TVN letter to the editor wrongfully accused Bailey of impersonating a law enforcement officer. Unlike her opponent, Bailey understands the prosecutor’s job and the independence it requires. Bailey does not wear a sheriff’s badge. She has a prosecutor’s badge – a tradition dating back to attorney Kathy Spitzer. Bailey wears the prosecutor’s badge proudly, and I am proud to support her.

Lori Hillman