Rep. Chad Christensen

Rep. Chad Christensen

Many seem to think they know my heart and intent. The recent article published by Jeannette Boner of the Teton Valley News certainly portrays me as a psycho gun nut looking for a fight. The PR Editorial Board then portrayed me as an attention seeker.

The PR says there was never an issue at the fair. That is factually incorrect and casuistic. Boner was only interested in my statement about some individuals displaying gang tattoos. An officer and I discussed gang issues at the fair. They have serious concerns about them coming into the fair, but the PR indicates that I was fictionalizing. This is a wretched accusation.

The previous year my son’s friend had 3 police officers confront him when he was open carrying at the fair. They detained him and then let him go, after they conferred with a supervisor. This year my constituent conveyed to me that he had a problem getting into the fair with his firearm. They asked for his concealed weapons permit. He does not need one, as a resident of the State of Idaho. I told the fair manager this very story. He asked if he was concealing. I said that does not matter in the State of Idaho, because we are a constitutional carry state. This proved the staff was not educated about correct state law. The manager thought my constituent needed a permit and so did his employee. How can they properly defend their position, when they lack knowledge about state law? The fair sign states, “Firearms prohibited, unless allowed by state law.” This sign can only apply to felons, yet they expect us to believe that the sign is only intended for felons? The fair manager and I discussed the sign. I stated that it was misleading. The fair manager stated that they wanted a safe environment. Furthermore, he stated that he and I had differing opinions in which how to achieve that. I certainly interpreted that to mean they wanted as few firearms on the fairgrounds as possible.

I have been over the Bacon Restaurant incident but let us reiterate. The PR is factually incorrect, regarding this incident. I was with members of the Idaho 3%; however, they are not a militia, nor do they want to be called one. They are a group interested in preserving the U.S. Constitution. However, calling them a militia fits the PR’s narrative to paint me as a psycho extremist. Regardless, why does the word “militia” have a negative connotation? Our founders desired that we set up militias to defend the Republic, it is a significant piece of the 2nd Amendment. Is the 3% referred to as a militia because they carry firearms, at times? This is quite the obtuse assumption, if correct. The Idaho 3% was key in persuading members of the legislature to vote against Marsy’s Law because it violates due process. Does the PR write about this? I posted the Bacon incident on my personal Facebook page, because I wanted to avoid political attention. I soon learned a valuable lesson, as a freshman legislator. The post blew up, regardless. It didn’t matter what venue I used. I only intended to inform those gun-owners on my friends list that we were treated very rudely at this restaurant. It certainly had repercussions that I did not intend.

Am I an orthodox legislator? No. Because of that very reason, I am consistently attacked by the left and the moderates of my party. I simply wanted to educate people that they had the right to carry at the fair. I wanted to get to the bottom of previous incidents when gun-owners had been harassed at the fair. I promised my constituents that I would fight for the Constitution and their God-given rights. I am doing just that. I have done what I said I would do. How many politicians can you say that about? I haven’t blown up these situations. The biased media has done that on their own, because they have a particular agenda.

Representative Chad Christensen, Idaho District 32, Seat B

Bear Lake, Bonneville, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, and Teton Counties


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