As a long time resident of Teton County Idaho I was ashamed of my community today. COVID is increasing in our county and we have had our first two fatalities reported recently. So image my consternation when I walked into Broulim’s today and saw several employees and almost half of the customers without face coverings. Almost all residents and visitors alike shop at Broulim’s. Many employees live in Madison County which has had an even higher increase of COVID cases this past week. Wearing a mask is not a political statement it is a sign of respect. Shame on anyone going into an indoor establishment and not covering their face. Shame on Broulim’s for not enforcing the county wide mandate requiring face coverings. Wearing a mask takes little effort and is absolutely essential in keeping us all safe during this pandemic. Come on people, let’s pull together and get through the pandemic with as few fatalities and as little morbidity as possible.

Kelly Milligan