Dear Editor: 

This is an open letter to the tax payers in Idaho. I want to show you how you are being ignored by the Republicans you voted for who are supposed to be interested in your welfare. The state of Idaho has been doing very well in terms of taxes being collected. As such, our representatives are discussing changing tax laws in order to refund some of this money to tax payers. 

The problem is that they want to give the rich and powerful the lion's share of the money at the expense of working class people who are having troubles meeting their families' needs. It goes like this. If you make less than $60,000 a year you will get back 200 to 300 dollars on your next tax filing. But if you make $400,000 or more, the return will start at $9,000. More of this surplus money could go to programs to benefit the working class. One example would be to eliminate sales tax on groceries completely. This has been put in front of the legislature many times and a minimum amount has been passed but it should be applied to all groceries with no cap. 

Think about this. The amount of groceries very rich people buy as a percentage of income is miniscule compared to the average family of four. The reason for this is that the rich don't eat at home very much. The business buys lunch for those high up on the ladder. Most go out to dinner multiple days a week. Therefore, the rich do not buy anywhere near the amount of groceries that working class families do. This would mean more of that surplus money would go back to the average family and the rich wouldn't get what they think they "deserve."

Your Republican representatives are rewarding their friends in "high places." There are many more examples like this such a minimum wage, etc. You all have heard the expression that states, "If you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change." Well, you keep voting against your own interest and are happy in your ignorance. Nobody makes you aware of how you are being scr***d. If you keep electing the same people you will keep getting the "short end of the stick." Wake up! Elect people who really care about the working class and will pass laws that benefit you not just the rich and powerful. 

Richard Miller