Shouldn’t Idaho P & Z committees operate under Idaho law to: "promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the state" (Idaho 65-6502). Part c states “To ensure that the economy of the state and localities is protected." It does not state, "To ensure that your buddies in Town are protected "....or that P&Z members should eliminate any threat of competition.

Someone may want to inform them that it is inappropriate and unprofessional to specifically say they want to protect Victor Valley Market or other merchants. In particular, one member said we have "friends in town selling the same thing that we are trying to protect" or to continue with Broulim's will "suck the life out of some other business in town." We appreciate the businesses we already have BUT we will appreciate new businesses that speak to our needs and shopping without the hassle of back in parking. My word, even the City Attorney jumped in to say they couldn't specifically say they wanted to protect a named business. But nooooooo, among the conditions that this group included was: can't sell flowers, drugs, liquor, gift items, etc. And then there was the religious violation by forcing Sunday openings. Really that the elephant in the room or is it to protect their buddies too. Or both?

It doesn’t end there. Don’t we expect our city officials to be civil? Accusations that Broulim’s thinks they are "getting a raw deal" or that they "are going to go play in another sandbox" if they don’t get their way. That PZ member went on to voice how "completely disappointed" he was that Broulim’s didn’t give a response to every condition. Yet another kept complaining about how important his time is, and that Broulim's "decided not to play ball and kinda played the victim." Another said, "Even a child could understand what is being proposed." The unprofessional emotions created a circus atmosphere, not a productive team to enhance our City.

Really now, is this what Victor has become....protecting buddies, hurling insults...and of course the elephant in the room.

Marian Ruzicka