I’m back again with more thought provoking questions. I’m sure there are the people that are thrilled Biden might win, and the Trumpers who are sad their candidate may not win. That’s life. However, ALL Americans should want and DEMAND a corrupt free and secure election. Biden was ordered by Hillary, Pelosi and Schumer on MSM interviews “do not concede if you don’t win” but it’s not ok for Trump to ask questions about possible fraud? In 2000 for the Gore/Bush election it took 36 days for the truthful outcome of the election to be called. Why doesn’t Trump have that same right this year? Since when does the “media” call the winner of the election? The MSM says all “allegations” by the Trump team are “not true”, however, I read daily how many results have fraudulent allegations. Maybe you haven’t heard some of these if you only listen to MSM…if you haven’t, why not? What are they potentially covering up?

Allegations are as follows, and many people are willing to testify: Governors in some states extended election returns which is illegal; USPS management caught back dating ballot returns and then they fired the whistleblowers; in swing states they had lists of Republican poll watcher’s names that were marked “do not allow them to enter”; many voters received more than one ballot; ballots were sent to addresses for people who had moved; MANY dead voters somehow rose from the dead to vote (over 10,000 in Michigan alone were caught); vans of ballots were caught on cameras delivering thousands of ballots after the polls were closed (Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania after polls closed by 600,000 and by morning he was behind 6,000); a software “glitch” was found in software that over 6000 votes in one district were Trump votes and they registered Biden votes; ballots in dumpsters and ditches (all happened to be Trump); many states/districts had more votes than registered people in the state/district; Republican ballots found in undeliverable bins; social media censorship (another topic too big to discuss here). The MSM is talking about “the office of the President Elect”. There is NO SUCH THING! The term was invented by Barack Obama, and it is unconstitutional, and Biden will not be considered the President Elect until December 14th!

Twitter alone admitted they labeled 300,000 tweets as “disputed”. Twitter executives might not like Trump, but it should send a shiver down the spine of every red blooded patriot that a global platform will BOAST it’s international efforts to impact a FREE election in America. Did you know how much Facebook and Twitter censored ONLY REPUBLICAN input? Do you believe in Free Speech for All? Are we in propagandist China?

These are all FACTS, and I’m sure you are concerned if you didn’t know this, at least you should be! More questions to come in future weeks.

Dee Gustafson