Will Grand Targhee Resort agree to meet with the community in small groups to discuss the elements of the proposed expansion?

If so, here is a list of questions the community would like to ask.

1. GTR already has the approvals to build the Peaked Lift and other new amenities on private land at GTR. Why hasn’t GTR moved forward with these approvals?

2. Recently all parking spaces on the mountain have been full by 9:30 a.m. This, with your daily count of 2400 to 3000 skiers. Where is land in Alta Wyoming or Teton County Idaho with restroom facilities and storm water storage to park cars and run shuttles for the projected 7,000 skiers? How will GTR handle the end-of-day rush with shuttle capacity?

3. How will having 7,000 skiers per day maintains a “vibe and low-key atmosphere?”

4. The Teton County Wyoming Board of County Commissioners (WYBOCC) approved the GTR base plan. How were impacts to the culture, livability, and costs of the base area expansion analyzed with respect to the residents and taxpayers of Teton County Idaho. How were such impacts addressed?

5. I am not aware that any of the affected tribes have been invited to discussions with GTR as suggested by the Forest Service, and apparently none were invited to be Cooperating Agencies. How will the tribes be involved in the Environmental Impact process?

6. Recently GTR asked the Forest Service to remove CAT-skiing from the EIS process? But this still leaves open the possibility that GTR is seeking to put as many as three (3) lifts in the South Bowl. This is a fragile area, known for avalanches. How will the impacts of avalanche controlled detonations treat the wildlife that migrate through or reside in South Bowl?

7. Teton Canyon has long been a destination for back-country skiing. GTRs plans will limit access for the public, but increase user numbers in Teton Canyon. How will the impact of increased user numbers in Teton Canyon be assessed?

8. Building basements, lift towers, or underground garages will impact the flow and direction of the springs on Fred’s and Peaked Mountain. Has GTR done the hydrology studies required to protect historical springs or drainage that supply water to wells to the north, south, and west?

9. How does Grand Targhee plan to protect the wilderness areas that surround the GTR Special Use Area?

10. Does Grand Targhee have any plans to sell any portion of the resort should the expansion be approved?

11. If GTR skier days exceed comfortable carrying capacity, will GTR seek more base area expansions from WYBOCC?

12. Has the Wyoming BOCC agreed to cover all the costs for housing, hospital beds, seats in schools, law enforcement and more that will be incurred by the taxpayers of Teton County Idaho?

13. Has the National Park Service weighed in on the sharp increase in landings and takeoffs we are seeing at our Driggs-Reid Memorial Airport?

14. It has been estimated that close to $6 million of Teton County Idaho funds will be needed to update the feeder roads to Ski Hill Road. E5000N, E2500N, S1000E, E2000S, E250N and Stateline Road. Is Grand Targhee prepared to not only pay these costs but to continue to pay for the maintenance of all county roads leading to Ski Hill Road?

15. Is Grand Targhee prepared to reimburse the State of Idaho for increased costs associated with the year-round increase use of Highways 33, 32, and 31?

16. Grand Targhee walk-up lift tickets are now priced between $90 and $110. This is a considerable increase from just a few years ago. At what price will GTR be priced after the addition of proposed new lifts, new retail?

17. Grand Targhee has proposed two new mountain-top restaurants of considerable size and like decks. Teton County Idaho has a very specific dark skies policy. The National Park Service has a dark skies initiative. How does GTR intend to keep any more light from impacting the enjoyment of the night sky in Teton Valley and the negative impacts on flora and fauna in nearby park and wilderness areas?

18. RAD, the county’s solid waste contractor, has smartly and rightfully begun analyzing the impacts of the current residential expansion in the valley. Have you reached out to RAD to discuss future needs in terms of waste disposal? Have you consulted the county transfer station in regards to the waste you will generate from future construction of buildings and infrastructure?

19. Have you consulted with the cities of Victor, Driggs, and Tetonia about your plans to place affordable housing for your employees and for park and ride lots? Talks with regard to water availability, solid waste treatment capacity, storm water storage and treatment, desks in schools, law enforcement?

Please send in your own questions for GTR as well. 

Anne Callison