What is happening in Washington or the economy or the stock market pales by comparison to what is happening in the world of virology. The top virologists are warning the world that " the more we're not curtailing the spread of COVID-19, the more opportunities the virus has to evolve." Most of the time the changes don't affect its behavior, but other mutations, like the U.K. variant, can be significant. And sooner or later it will escape the efficacy of our current vaccinations resulting in hundreds of thousands of more deaths before a new vaccination is found.

These virologists agree that the only way to slow the probability of that is to quickly reduce the spread of the virus. That can only be done by universal mask wearing, social distancing, and an all-out worldwide vaccination campaign.

Humans have an amazing (and disturbing) propensity to let emotion eclipse reason. However, this COVID crisis is literally deadly serious. Let's hope reason prevails this time.

Joe Gerlach