It is ironic that the human impulse to impose order on Nature is careening us toward the extinction of both. The planet's stability has wavered just as its biodiversity has declined - the two things are bound together. Time is of the essence to correct our mistake. A cooperative effort can do it. But self-absorption will prevent it unless humans recognize who and what we are - a magnificent creation from all that went before. Only then will humankind has a whole be able to give back to Nature at least as much as we take, and repay some of our debt. Only then will we gain a life-affirming reconnection with the natural world both in distant lands and seas and in our own local governments. Only then will enduring stability be our legacy for all generations that will follow.

Whether one believes in a heavenly existence after this life or not, the question remains why God would want us to wreck our planet while we are waiting. It also brings to mind how a universal commitment to protecting this planet could unite the cultures of the world.

Give and take, that is the essence of what balance is all about. And the reality is that a sustainable world is a gain for everyone.

Like eagles or astronauts, perspective enables.

Joe Gerlach