In regards to the VARD Newsletter dated August 5, where the Moose Creek Ranch purchase and expansion is compared to Linn Canyon Ranch and the amenities that they offer to the public. Yes, they are indeed very different venues as are most in Teton County Idaho. To my knowledge that is the model that they have presented for years. I would like to ask if there was CUP ever submitted by the Linn Family applying for further development or if it is simply a statement of their amenities?

Interestingly enough Moose Creek Ranch is also compared to The Highlands Ranch CUP in April of 2017 in the Dry Ridge area. I personally attended that CUP hearing and I live within 2.5 miles of that proposed CUP. I encourage anyone who feels that they are fair comparison to take the time and look up what the ask was in that CUP.

That proposed CUP was an area of Teton Valley that is made up entirely single family residential homes. The Teton Ridge Ranch is in the same area and has been reverted to a private ranch for over 10 years. At best they self limited on the amount of guests and operated in a fashion that was appropriate for the area. The ask from The Highlands was over the top. At the end of the day Mr. Fieldstone was the owner of a subdivision that had been platted and little to no lots sold. He wanted to make his investment start to show him a return and thus the idea of an Event Center was born. Good idea just the wrong location. Take the time to read this CUP before formulating an opinion.

I feel that the proposed expansion can be negotiated between our Planning and Zoning Department and the applicant of the CUP, Conestoga Ranch, to agree to a suitable plan that works for the unique setting of Moose Creek Ranch. One that suits us all.

I know that leaves everyone who wants to comment, or speak with some homework in reading both of those CUP applications and the VARD newsletter but it would be necessary to have an educated opinion.

We need to stick to the details of this ask of this CUP.

Moose Creek Ranch has a rich history of historical use that is similar to the ask in this CUP.

Jeanette Beard



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